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Learning Without Tears Summer

Handwriting Camp

Summer camp is a fun, multi-sensory way for children ages 4 to 10 to learn handwriting by participating in games and activities that help them develop skills for handwriting mastery. Handwriting camp also addresses gross motor skills, visual perceptual skills, fine motor skills and social/emotional skills.

Readiness Group


  • foundational skills

  • pencil grip

  • posture

  • pre-writing strokes

  • identify letters and numbers

  • write name (uppercase)

  • learn capital letter strokes

Print Group

K - 1st - 2nd Grade 

  • write all capitals letters, lowercase letter and numbers

  • write name (mixed case)

  • pencil grip

  • posture

  • line regard

Cursive Group

3rd - 4th Grade

  • connections

  • write name

  • posture

  • line regard

Keyboarding Group

K - 5th Grade

  • finger placement

  • keyboarding fluency

  • balance media with daily life activities

  • protect personal information & advocate for oneself

  • digital footprint affects ourselves & others

  • build positive online communities

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