"Heidi is a highly skilled, empathic therapist that began working with my son when he was 1 year old. Due to a rare neurological disorder, gross and fine motor tasks are particularly challenging for him. Heidi was very patient with him and always tried to make lessons enjoyable and fun to keep him interested and engaged. She knew just how much to push him so that he would be challenged but not to the point where he would get frustrated and we would lose him. His confidence and skills grew tremendously while working with her. As a parent, I found her extremely communicative as she kept me up to date on all his programs, was always happy to answer any questions or concerns and was flexible if something needed to be adjusted. We can’t recommend her enough and are very grateful our son had the opportunity to work with her!"


"Heidi has a wonderful grasp on my daughter’s sensory needs and has been nothing but loving, attentive and supportive.  I have witnessed such developmental growth in my daughter since we started working with Heidi.  She is extremely engaging with children and my daughter looks forward to their sessions."

"Heidi worked with my daughter when she was in Kindergarten. She was knowledgeable and organized. She gave practical tips on ways I could improve her handwriting. After working with Heidi, my daughter's handwriting was much neater and more organized." 

"Heidi is a dedicated educator with 17 years of experience in the field of special education. 
Her work is invaluable and beyond helpful in any classroom. I taught self contained social studies with Heidi who was providing occupational therapy support in my classroom. Together, we planned rigorous and data driven lessons for special needs students. In addition to planning lessons, Heidi has a plethora of executive functioning tips for students who need self soothing tactics. She is an all around great person to have in the classroom - her knowledge, expertise, and experience added much value to my own working experience as a fellow educator."

"Dr. Heidi is the best occupational therapist I ever worked with. She is the most patient and most willing to go the extra steps and is an excellent professional and educator. All the kids love her and all the teachers enjoy working with her. My student significantly improved after woking with her. He improved his focus and his language. I personally worked with her for the past 3 years. She also helped me personally during her spare time. She is always available when you need her."